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Everyone loves a soft shirt – but not all printing methods allow your garments to retain their lightweight buttery-soft hand. Discharge printing is a popular way to print due to its softer and more vibrant appearance. Once discharged, the fabric will have a clean white surface to lay colored ink on, without adding another layer of ink to the shirt. Discharge inks dye the design in the fabric leaving the shirt with an incredibly soft hand.  Discharge inks will never crack over time like standard plastisol inks, meaning your design will last as long as your garment. This bright printing technique works best on 100% cotton shirts.

What does overdyed mean?

Overdyeing is the practice of dyeing a fabric that has already been dyed once. When a garment is overdyed, it can cause complications in the printing process because the fabric will take ink in unpredictable ways and leave you with inconsistent results.

Some apparel companies will overdye excess stock in certain colors to replenish inventory, which can lead to inconsistencies in color during printing.

The Ei-Lo 3600 is made with soft 100% combed ring-spun USA premium cotton and is the perfect canvas for discharge printing. The softness of this printing technique pairs perfectly with the super-soft hand of this cotton shirt, making it your new favorite cozy tee.

Ei-Lo is the only brand in the industry that is guaranteed to not be overdyed. With Ei-Lo, you’ll always have a better discharge.


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